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Stephen Melville, Managing Director, Crystal Gate

Stephen Melville, Managing Director, Key Payroll Group

We are a family business of management consultants. We set up ATLANTA in 2000. We specialise in helping ambitious companies of all sizes to reach major Corporates and Organisations, and then win business from them. We have a network of 6,000 hungry, dynamic entrepreneurs across the globe.

Major clients include Goldman Sachs, Lloyds Banking Group, networks of angels who wish to invest and Universities.

We do regular free networking events in Edinburgh and London. Everybody is welcome.

Please contact us to receive details:
0131 225 8730

We are a family business

Roy du Preez

Roy du Preez

Leah du Preez

Leah du Preez

Nicky du Preez

Nicky du Preez

Sarit Freed

Sarit Freed

Consultants in Enterprise, 31 years of research

Marcia D Campbell, Group Operations Director, Standard Life

Marcia D Campbell, ex Group Operations Director, Standard Life - now at Ignis

We have been studying entrepreneurial businesses since 1981 on 3 continents: Europe, the Middle East, Africa.

In the UK we work with large public agencies e.g. Dept of Business, Innovation and Skills, to encourage and develop enterprise and entrepreneurs. For more information, please email us at: nicky1@atlanta.uk.com, or contact us on: 0131 225 8730.

Consultancy to help your business grow

We can help you build your business, by giving you good ideas and introducing you to big, potential customers. If you'd like some details, please contact us at: nicky1@atlanta.uk.com, or on: 0131 225 8730.

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ATLANTA Magazine and Events

Suzanne Ramsay, Director, Change CRS 3

Our magazine is vivid and colourful, half business, half culture, like the Financial Times on Saturday. It has absolutely no advertising. We publish twice a year. Entrepreneurs (big and small) tell you the secrets of their success. There are also business articles (marketing, strategy) as well as art, travel, films, good books to read, good restaurants to visit etc.

Warwick Lister Kaye, Managing Director, Rolling Earth Travel


We organise boardroom-style events. We also take our subscribers to attend high quality, invitation-only business events, in total 60 business events a year in Edinburgh and London. You can network and sell much more effectively as numbers are small and you are face to face with potential customers. Please contact us for more information at: nicky1@atlanta.uk.com 0131 225 8730.